Friday, July 6, 2012

MINI GSM GPRS Online GPS car alarm Wireless Tracker Handphone call in

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Standard Functions
  • Work on real-time tracking: to track the position by the lantitude,longitude on some digital maps.
  • If the object enters the park underground or some other places with no signals, it will report to you the last position tracked.
  • Auto-tracking: set up an interval and the times, it will report you the position information in that interval and the times.
  • Adding/cancelling the authorized numbers.
  • SOS and monitoring functions.
  • Geo-fence. It will alert if the tracker goes out the area set up.
  • E-lock: It will send SMS to the authorized numbers if it is dismounted. It will be on if the tracker stops.
  • Overspend limit: will send SMS to the authorized numbers if the object goes across the speed set up before.
  • Low power alert.
  • Protect your lovely vehicles/pets/etc by tracking in internet/PDA/mobile phone...
Package Contains
  • GPS tracker
  • 1 X 1000mAH Rechargeable Battery
  • Battery Charger Stand
  • Manual
  • RM190/pcs
  • COD / RM10 courier
  • FOC  Power Supply Hardwire 


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